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Call abroad from Spain

Information on Calling abroad


Calling home is an expensive activity anywhere in the world, but Spain has expensive international calling rates (mobile rates are particularly high). With a direct dial service or an international prepaid calling card you can call from anywhere in Spain at any time and benefit from lower rates.

Phone Cards.
° Phone System

° Phones Booths.
° Skipe.
° 902 999 007

Direct bearing rates board.
As much as you are going to save.
Countries -Prefixes. To that countries you can call.

    Call to Germany       Call to Japan
    Call to Argentina       Call to Liechtenstein
    Call to Australia       Call to Luxembourg
    Call to Austria       Call to Malaya
    Call to Belgium       Call to Mexico
    Call to Brazil       Call to Monaco
    Call to Bulgaria       Call to Norway
    Call to Canada       Call to New Zealand
    Call to Chile       Call to Holland
    Call to China       Call to Palestine
    Call to Colombia       Call to Peru
    Call to South Korea       Call to Poland
    Call to Denmark       Call to Portugal
    Call to Spain       Call to Puerto Rico
    Call to USA       Call to United Kingdom
    Call to Estonia       Call to Czech Republic
    Call to Finland       Call to Russia
    Call to France       Call to Singapore
    Call to Greece       Call to Sweden
    Call to Hawaii       Call to Switzerland
    Call to Hong Kong       Call to Taiwan
    Call to Hungary       Call to Venezuela
    Call to Ireland       Call from Mobile to Fixed    
    Call to Israel       
    Call to Italy       
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