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Ahorro de Dinero

With € 1

Ventajas de usar nuestro número
902 999 007

Advantages to use our number for International Calls. Calling al Foreign is expensive in any part of the world, but in Spain the rates of international calls are relatively more expensive, above all since a mobile one. With a number of cheap access or a card of prepago for international calls you can call since any part of Spain and to save you a lot of money.

° On your regular telephone bill / invoice your operator sends you, you will find your international calls registered under 902 999 007.

° From fixed and public phones there is a connection charge of € 0.08 and from a mobile €0.12

   With € 1

    Using 902 999 007 services

° You can call our destinities
° 24 minutes
      During off peak hours from
      a fixed phone
° 17 minutes
      During peak hours from a
      fixed phone
° 20 minutes
      During off peak hours from
      a phone booth
° 14 minutes
      During peak hours from a
      phone booth



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° Mobile/Cellular Phone Rates:
     :: During off peak hours € 0.22/min
     :: During peak hours € 0.36/min
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