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International calls information

   How does it work?  
° Dial 902 999 007
Dial 1
Dial your destination number (00 + country code + number)
   Who do I pay?  
°You will be billed like a normal national phone call by your provider, whether it’s your fixed phone, mobile phone or your telephone card in a public phone. There are no extra or hidden charges – you just pay the above prices for each minute you use.
Save money on international calls using our 902 999 007 service.
Compare the rates.
from €0.04/min using a landline and public phone / From €0.22/min using a mobile

All calls to 902 numbers are charged at the same national call rates.

From fixed and public phones there is a connection charge of € 0.08 then:
€0.04/min: Mon-Fri 20:00-08:00, weekends & public holidays
€0.07/min: Mon-Fri 08:00-20:00

From a mobile phone there is a connection charge of €0.12 then:
€0.22/min: Mon-Fri 20:00-08:00, weekends & public holidays
€0.36/min: Mon-Fri 08:00-20:00

¿What destinations can I call?
The 902 999 907 service can be used to call the following destinations:

Andorra Ireland
Argentina Israel
Australia Italia
Austria Japan
Brazil Liechtenstein
Belgium Luxembourg
Bulgaria Malaya
Canada Mexico
China Monaco
Colombia New Zealand
Croatia Norway
Czech Republic Holland
Denmark Palestine
Estonia Peru
Finland Poland
France Portugal
Germany Puerto Rico
Georgia Russia
Greece Singapore
Hong Kong Eslovakia
Hungary Spain
Iceland South Africa
Indonesia South Korea
Sweden Thailand
Switzerland Taiwan
United Kingdom USA
Venezuela Alaska
How much will you save

Countries and
Country Codes 
General List

International Connection - Phone System IP

   °902 numbers are normally used to call banks, buy cinema tickets, calling airlines.
   °Companies use this number because it is cheaper than making national calls.
   °Calling a 902 number is cheaper than calling a national number.
  °No PIN numbers
  °No aditional cost
  °No Card

  °Call more than 50 countries at the price of a national call, your international calls at only 4 cents a minute, using 902 999 007.
  °You can call whenever you like.
You can call from any phone.
You can speak as long as you want without worrying about the calling credit running out.
  °Remenber: For international phone calls use:



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From fixed and public phones there is a connection charge of € 0.08 and from a mobile €0.12
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