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  International calls information:
Estadistic. Calling home is an expensive activity anywhere in the world, but Spain has expensive international calling rates (mobile rates are particularly high). With a direct dial service or an international prepaid calling card you can call from anywhere in Spain at any time and benefit from lower rates.

   With € 1

   Using 902 999 007 services

° You can call our destinities
° 24 minutes
      During off peak hours from
      a fixed phone
° 17 minutes
      During peak hours from a
      fixed phone
° 20 minutes
      During off peak hours from
      a phone booth
° 14 minutes
      During peak hours from a
      phone booth
° Mobile/Cellular Phone Rates:
:: During off peak hours € 0.22/min
:: During peak hours € 0.36/min

° On your regular telephone bill / invoice your operator sends you, you will find your international calls registered under 902 999 007.



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