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Programme your Mobile one to call Direct

You can also save money in calls of Mobile to Fixed in schedule of normal rate.
And you can plan your mobile one so that with a single button the call be carried out directly.
For it:
it Publishes an entrance in the adress book of your mobile one. It marks this number:
+ p
+ 1
+ 00
+ Prefix of Country
+ Number of Destiny
Programme your Mobile
(The p, is a pause)
In mobile Nokia, Motorolla, Sony/Ericson manages to press itself the key asterisk (*) during a pair of Seconds.
In Siemens and Panasonic I press the key zero (0) during a pair of Seconds.

Remaining in this way:

File this entrance in the adress book.
Select the entrance of the adress book and the call will be carried out. If you want to know the rate about a call to a 902 since your mobile one, have to contact with your user of mobile. (Amena, Movistar, Vodafone, ...)

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