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Information for calling abroad from Spain

from Spain
International calls are more expensive because of certain fees that have to be paid by the supplier due to the international connection. The only difference among Our Service and the Traditional phone System is the Price. Because our service is based on IP telephony systems and fees for the service of the infrastructure of conventional connections do not need to be paid.
  ::  L'Appel utilisant à l'étranger votre mobile/le téléphone cellulaire.  More>>
::  l'Appel à l'étranger d'une ligne fixe ou une cabine de téléphone.  More>>

L'information pour appeler dans l'Espagne

Les appels
Now you can make calls within Spain and save money. Calls using the 902 within Spain are very cheap.

::  Off Peak Rate €0.22/min: Mon-Fri 20:00-08:00, weekends & public holidays.
::  Peak Rate €0.36/min: Mon-Fri 08:00-20:00.

From mobile phone there is a connection charge of € 0.12
  ::  Use your mobile to call fixed lines in Spain.  More>>
::  Use your fixed line to call fixed lines in Spain.  More>>

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International Calls. Save Money in yours calls
Cheap Calls. Cheap call at more than 50 Destinies
Calls. Calling to same price
Free Calls. International Conection


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